Cutting Edge – Quality, Service, Reliability
Cutting Edge – Quality, Service, Reliability

How It All Started


  We are a CNC routing company in the small Indiana town of Millersburg. We began with one employee in 2010 in my own personal shop. I noticed the need for quality CNC machining locally because of the many RV factories that are here in Elkhart County. I believed that we could provide a better quality product with superior customer service. Quality customer service is how I believed we could become a successful company.  In the last eight years, we have moved into a larger building and currently employ approximately twenty employees. Our process involves receiving the raw material and routing it to the size and shape that is based on our customer's needs. We are also capable of providing laser engraving, which really adds a unique dimension to what we are capable of delivering to our customers.


  I enjoy watching our team thrive and grow together, while building a business that is capable of providing not only a solid and fair work environment, but also delivering exceptional service to our customers. Being able to look back and compare where we started to where we are currently makes coming to work a joy and a blessing.


  As mentioned previously, our company is committed to customer service where I, as the owner/manager, contact a lot of our customers weekly and sometimes daily. This allows our customers to trust and know that we will make every effort to ensure that their needs are met. Give us a call and let us partner with you on your next project.

-- Danny Miller

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